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The philosophy at A2G Sharp Guitar is simple and effective:

Learn what you want to know to have fun and play the songs and music you enjoy.

Learn what you need to know to become the knowledgeable, creative and self-reliant musician you desire to be.

This balanced approach between immediate enjoyment of the instrument while also working towards building a strong
musical foundation for the future is ultimately the most satisfying and rewarding approach to learning the guitar.

By receiving lessons from A2G Sharp Guitar the student can be guaranteed to:


                    * develop good playing technique and practicing habits while avoiding the inevitable bad habits that from come from self-instruction

                    * learn in a planned, orderly and structured manner rather than a haphazard and random manner through self-instruction

                    * receive immediate one-on-one answers and solutions on important questions and problems that may arise during the learning process

                    * gain immediate access to a wealth of learning materials including over 4,000 complete songs in professional tab format

Don't wait and get started NOW on your journey of achieving your musical goals and dreams!

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“I think that my guitar teacher is awesome! He explains everything and is really talented. One of the unique things is for the last 15 minutes or so I get to pick a song to play. It's great because I can learn songs I really like and it helps with my learning. Also he teaches how to write guitar music. That is really important to me because I write lyrics so having music to go with with them is really important. I would recommend him to anyone!”  Gabrielle Brost - guitar student, age 16

Guitar lessons in Glendale,Anthem, Surprise, Phoenix, Deer Valley and Peoria, AZ.

Learn what you want to know to have fun and play the songs and music you enjoy. Tab, guitar riffs, rock songs and more!

Guitar classes in Phoenix, Glendale, AZ; Guitar teacher Phoenix; Glen West, instruction and music theory.

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